Where the Inspiration Comes From

As you all know, I am a self-proclaimed Instagram addict, and I am not ashamed to admit that I spend hours a day on Instagram. Okay, maybe a little ashamed. But I have come to love Instagram as a creative atmosphere that provides an incredible amount of inspiration in my life, whether in be related to fashion, home decor, or photography. Just like most people, I have days, or sometimes even weeks, when I feel very uninspired, and most of the time I get my creative juices flowing (sorry, that sounded gross) by scrolling through my Instagram feed.

I have several accounts that I adore and find so much inspiration from, but if I featured all of them this post would be ridiculously long, so I thought that I would share my top 3 with you! These people are the source of my insta-envy.

Getting back in the swing of things // #ootd

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Drew Scott – @imdrewscott

If you ask me what my favorite Instagram account is, I will say, without hesitation, Drew Scott. If you could collect everything aesthetically pleasing and combine it into a person, it would be him. He posts mainly fashion content, with some lifestyle photos here and there. Honestly, I get so much fashion and DIY inspiration from him, it’s insane.

He is very experimental with fashion and photo editing, and is constantly trying new looks and combinations. His style is a little toward the edgy side, which I absolutely love.

He also has a blog and a YouTube channel that are equally as perfect. PLEASE check out his bedroom tour video! Goals in every way, shape, and form. I might be a tad of a fangirl when it comes to him.



Justin Livingston – @justinliv

Besides the fact that he’s incredibly attractive, Justin Livingston was one of the first major accounts that I followed on Instagram, and for years has been a source of inspiration, both for fashion and overall aesthetic.

I am incredibly envious of his wavy hair (my hair is pretty boring, let’s be honest), and his style is very classy and trendy.

The one thing about him that confounds me to this day is how he manages to get all of his outfit shots on gorgeous empty streets in the middle of Manhattan. HOW? Even here in D.C. I struggle to find an area that I can take photos without people in the background.

Justin also has a blog that I LOVE, especially his Music Mondays. Definitely check it out.



Chandler Nehrt – @candidlychan

In terms of overall feed theme and look, Chandler Nehrt’s is my favorite of all time. I’m a huge fan of feeds that are on the neutral side, and her feed consistently maintains a gorgeous gray-white-black palette with subtle pops of light color. No matter how much you scroll down, the theme keeps going on forever. FEED GOALS.

Some of my friends think it’s weird for me to follow a female fashion blogger, considering that even if I wanted to wear female clothing, it wouldn’t fit my 6’5 body. But I am a strong believer that trends are unisex, and even the most masculine male can appreciate a version of a trend that a female blogger rocks. Plus, I just really love her coffee pics.

Her blog is also adorable and amazing in every way, so check it out!


Well that wraps up my top 3 favorite Instagram accounts! Please, please leave a comment telling me what your favorite accounts are, because I genuinely love discovering new creators.

Have a wonderful day, night, or whenever you’re reading this!

One thought on “Where the Inspiration Comes From

  1. Drew is just goals! My favorite accounts at the moment are @jeffreychung @philvalles @minimaltimes @mressentialist!
    I really like your style and you seem like a great guy 🙂


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